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CPS® ASSEMBLY - Because pre-assembled is efficient!

Within our product solution CPS® ASSEMBLY we offer you the possibility to purchase partly assembled or ready-to-install parts directly from us, within our C-Parts supply solutions. The proven quality offered by specialised partners ensures a maximum security for your process.

You concentrate on your core business and we deliver the pre-assembled modules. We will gladly put together a modular concept for integrating your modules.

Optimise your assembly process with ready-to-install, pre-assembled small parts

Reduce assembly time
Shorten your installation

Thanks to the direct supply of pre-assembled components or mounted small parts, the installation of these parts can start immediately in your production and with it, the value-adding activity starts. This allows you to optimise your overall production process.

Simplify installation work
Lower your installation costs

When you replace upstream processes with pre-assembled assemblies, it will reduce the cost of procuring and delivering the small parts as well as their storage costs. This will give you a significant cost reduction for the entire assembly process!

Increase reliability
Increase your mounting security

The installation of pre-assembled parts and along with it the high degree of pre-assembly increases the safety in your processes. If you order pre-assembled components directly from us, you will benefit from our guarantee of supply security for C-parts.